What the Actual Fuck?

I was working and hadn’t been on social media for a while. Then I get a text from a friend.

“Are you watching the news?”

I wasn’t, but I put it on. And there were MAGAs storming the halls of the U.S. Capitol building.


I don’t have words. The Senate has just reconvened to complete the task of certifying the electoral votes, and now is the time when they all get up and make some “we’re strong, we’ll survive” rah-rah speeches that will be entered into the record and promptly forgotten, as so many of them should and will be.

Every one of them who failed to impeach this man is responsible for this.
Every person who voted for this man in 2016 is responsible for this.
Every media company that gave him airtime or, worse, supported his actions is responsible for this.

And you lost anyway, you miserable motherfuckers.

But we lost too.

On the other hand, Ossoff and Warnock won. THANK YOU to all of the voters of Georgia who made this happen.

Maybe we’ll be able to do something positive now. Assuming the nation lasts 14 more days.