A Place of My Own

Solitary Confinement

Today marks 160 calendar days since my office went on full-time telework. It feels like forever. I miss the office. Not necessarily because I miss spending 8 hours in a box every day, but it’s nice to be able to print a 400-page manuscript quickly when I need hard copy instead of having to make…

By Way of Laying Groundwork…

I used to blog all the time. Back then my blog was more like an interactive diary where I wrote about all the screwed up things in my head, and in so doing I discovered other people who were just as screwed up as I was. It was the greatest form of therapy I could…

Day One

I’m a cranky bitch.  That’s an odd way to start a blog, but I feel like it should be stated from the beginning so that no one has any illusions about me.  I don’t mean that I’m generally miserable, or deliberately unkind. More that I don’t seem to like the same things most other people…

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