A Place of My Own

Catching Up

It was unfair of me to publish that last post and then disappear. The fact is, although it took a few weeks, B did find a new job. In fact, he found work in a new industry and is on his way to making a real career for himself in something. That’s all I’ve really…

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I knew it would happen. Heavens forbid I actually admit to being happy. B rage-quit his job yesterday. I have so many words, and yet none will come in any kind of coherent form. He promises he’ll get a new job quickly. I find him playing with his VR. He swears he’s looked and just…

A Lot Has Changed

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like writing anything. I told myself over and over again that I should sit down and write, even if it’s nonsense, but as the view counts for my posts dwindled to nothing and my own boredom with my blatherings increased, it became less and less appealing. I have…

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