A Place of My Own

Fingers Crossed

This week I’ve really kickstarted the house hunt now that we’re in March and able to find places that will allow an April move-in. Sunday I went to an open house around the corner, but no dice; the unit was too close to the main road and felt way too claustrophobic. Then on Monday I…

Random Lists, Vol. 4

My dad told me that one day when I was 3 or 4, I sat down with him and my hardcover storybook of Disney’s Cinderella and began to read it to him. He was stunned, because I guess my parents hadn’t made a huge push for me to start reading yet. I know he taught…

Can’t Stand the Excitement

It’s midafternoon on Sunday. I woke up this morning already feeling like the weekend was over and way too short. But here I am now, bored out of my gourd, just wishing there was something, anything we could do safely. It’s cold and rainy, so even taking a walk outside is out. I packed a…

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