Obligatory Self-Description

So this is the page where I’m supposed to tell you everything there is to know about me, as if that will somehow make my opinions more or less valid, or make us closer, or help you understand where I’m coming from. No pressure or anything. I met my husband online, and when I was creating my dating profile page I thought, What do I write? What would anyone find interesting about me? What do I have to offer? In my infinite wisdom, I decided that full, intimate, honest detail was the way to go. I wrote paragraphs about my interests, what I was looking for, what I did and didn’t like, etc. Any potential suitors would know from day one who they were dealing with.

No games here, I was a straight-up kind of girl.

I received a lot of responses. Most of them said something to the effect of, “nice eyes.”

Yeah, sure, buddy. You were looking at my eyes in those photographs. That’s exactly what I wanted to highlight when I leaned forward at just that angle in my profile picture. What else? Who are you? What do YOU think? Want? Get excited about? (Scratch that last question, we just met, after all.)

Delete, delete, delete.

So I learned that no one really cares about this page. They just want to get into my pants (sorry, you’ll get no farther than my mind here). If you care to get to know me, read the blogs I post, if I ever post any. I haven’t decided yet if that will happen. If or when it does, maybe it will be worth reading, worth talking about. Maybe not.

Thanks for stopping by.