Movin’ Out and Up

It’s official; we’ve signed our lease and begun getting our ducks lined up. Change of address submitted to USPS. Movers and truck scheduled. Have to look into renters insurance and utility setup next. It will be a more expensive life, but it will be such an improvement over what we’re dealing with here. My son will be able to come visit and stay with us; he’ll have his own room with a real bed instead of sleeping on an air mattress in a space we’ve carved out of overstocked spare room. We’ve signed a 3-year lease, so here’s hoping we love it there. Even if we don’t love it, I’m sure we’ll be happier there than here.

My brain, now, is working overtime trying to cover all the bases. Not really sure yet what will go where in terms of furniture; the house has four stories! It’s like moving out of a closet; we have downsized so much that our stuff will look miniscule in this new space, with its high ceilings and incredible amount of storage. We’ve decided to take everything we have instead of trashing/donating our couch and bed; for now, we’ll need something to sit and sleep on until we can figure out what we want, and given that we have a family room and a living room, it will be helpful to have something to sit on in the latter. We can focus on spending money on the family room, where the TV will be and where we’ll likely spend most of our time awake. We’ve also decided to buy a latex mattress topper for our bed; I’ve done some research on mattresses and it seems like most people these days are just using toppers because there are far too many mattress types out there and way too many of them get horrible reviews. Better to spend a few hundred dollars on a high-quality topper than a few thousand dollars on a bed we’ll hate.

I’m excited. It will be nice to set up a home, to open up the boxes we’ve had stored away for years. I have boxes that have been packed since my divorce, 10 years ago, because I simply haven’t had a place or need for what they contain. I find myself fantasizing about where I’ll hang the artwork, the framed classic movie posters, the framed photographs. Which room will be my office, and which will be B’s gaming space? (He needs room for his VR adventures, after all.) Will the spare bed fit in the smaller guest room? It’s a queen bed with a frame handmade by B’s dad; the pieces have been stored ever since we left Florida nearly 6 years ago. In our small-town-hell place, they were actually stored beneath our king-size bed in the master bedroom! I’ll have to get a new mattress and box spring for it, but we will finally have a real bed for guests. We even have two decks outside, an upper and a lower, and we’re already talking about getting a grill and some furniture and stringing some party lights.

It won’t be ours, technically, but it will be the closest we’ve had to a home in a long time. In my most optimistic fantasies, we’ll love the place and stay for as long as the landlords will let us (or until we hit the lottery and can buy our own). We are where we (well, I, at least) want to be and so ready to put down some roots and stay a while.

The icing on this cake? We’ve gotten scheduled for our first covid vaccine shots as well, and my son gets his second shot tomorrow. It won’t be long now before I can hug my beautiful boy and make up for a year-plus of distance. Our parents, B’s son (and perhaps even his grandson), and our friends, all displaced around the country and the world, will be able to come see and stay with us.

I cannot wait.