Fingers Crossed

This week I’ve really kickstarted the house hunt now that we’re in March and able to find places that will allow an April move-in. Sunday I went to an open house around the corner, but no dice; the unit was too close to the main road and felt way too claustrophobic. Then on Monday I saw another townhouse, but this one was too close to the highway, had NO parking, and was really outdated.

On Tuesday I found a listing for a place that looked promising and sent it to the agent. Then yesterday morning I found another. The agent messaged me later asking about my availability for showings, and I told her that I was available any day, even that night if possible. A few hours later, I was cleaning and maintenance was here fixing an electrical problem. I took a break to check my email around 4pm and the agent had emailed; she’d scheduled BOTH properties for showings that night, and the first was in an hour and a half. I was excited; I called B at work to see if he could get home early, and fortunately he could, so we went look at them together.

We both loved the first place. It felt bigger than it even was, and it had a lot of storage and fun elements we really liked. The second place was nice, but felt smaller (even though it was 300 square feet bigger). We rushed home and submitted our application; now we’re waiting to see if we get it. Apparently there were a lot of showings yesterday, but we were the first to apply. I know if we don’t get it, something will come along, but it would be nice to have everything settled this quickly.

Fingers crossed!