It’s the Weekend.

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[IMAGE] Actress Elizabeth Olsen saying “I think I wanna party” in a very
sedate manner, from TV show Sorry for Your Loss via GIPHY

Let the party begin! This afternoon I got rid of some really heavy stuff I didn’t want anymore, including a concrete flower pot and a half a bag of garden pea pebbles. We don’t have a yard. We don’t garden. Aside from a few houseplants, we don’t do green here. I don’t know why we had either in the first place, to be honest.

Got an email from my son today. He and I started emailing in the fall to get him used to the idea. He really dislikes the phone and video chatting, but he loves his computer. Maybe this will help us connect better. He’s gotten better since we started; in the beginning he needed a lot of prompting from his dad, but now I hear he’s doing most of it on his own. Now I need to come up with some good, easy, open-ended questions for him to answer. Which I suck at in general and have an even harder time with the pandemic, because no one is doing anything worth talking about these days. What do I ask? He doesn’t do abstract concepts, so things have to be concrete. So I can’t ask him what his favorite color is, he’ll just start naming colors that he thinks I want to hear. He’s incredibly intelligent, I just wish I could connect with him on a cognitive level. He has so much information in his brain, but doesn’t understand how to apply it. After both of my accidents I had issues with comprehension and crowds and noise, and I felt like maybe I understood his world a little better, but I haven’t quite figured out how to meet him there.

Until then, I’ll talk about the weather. The movies he watches over and over. The food he ate. And I’ll love every word he writes back.