Looong Weekend

I didn’t realize until yesterday morning that this coming Monday is Presidents Day. I thought it was another week off. That brightened my Thursday considerably, and then I got to thinking: If 3 days off sounds so good, what about 4?

Yeah, that definitely sounded better.

So I’m off today. No, I don’t have a lot to do aside from the usual—housekeeping, social media scrolling, maybe some packing, perhaps even some house hunting—but it’s 4 days I don’t have to think about work. Totally worth it.

Of course, my phone is blowing up with work email and I can’t resist checking it, but I’ll get there. I did take advantage of holidays sales and got myself a new second monitor for $70 less than it was listed just a few days ago, so that’s a plus. Had to drive into Alexandria to get it, but that gave me an opportunity to stop by B’s shop and say hello.

Feeling pretty good. And it’s only Friday!