I’m Sitting Next to a Jackelope

Last week I was browsing a local online auction and eyeing some of the paintings they had listed. As I viewed the catalog, I came across this:

Apparently, this guy is a jackelope, a creature of Wyoming and South Dakota myth. I shared this photo in one of my Facebook groups, because the members there are fascinated by funky taxidermy. I really just shared it as a joke, but one of my friends went crazy for it and had to have it. So on Sunday night, I stalked the auction and won it for her.

Now I have to ship it to her in South Dakota.

I’ve put off that mission until tomorrow, in part because I wanted B to see this thing, and in part because I am still trying to consider how on earth to ship it safely. It’s bigger than it looks, more than a foot high. It’s apparently a cross of a pheasant, a jackrabbit, and an antelope. I posted a photo of myself with it to the group so everyone could see how big and crazy it is, but they’re all in love with it. I texted the photo to B, and he told me it was gorgeous. Apparently I’m the only one who’s completely freaked out by this guy. He’s sitting near me here in my office, and although he’s facing away from me, I feel like he’s looking at me out the corner of his eye.

I’m not into decorating with dead things. But to each her own, right? I’m happy that my friend is getting him and is giddy with excitement about it. I like making my friends happy, even if their happiness perplexes me. Her husband seems excited about it too.

I just hope its ghost doesn’t come and attack me while I sleep tonight.