Another Snowy Day

This weekend hasn’t exactly turned out as expected. Today’s auction pickup in DC was postponed for snow. It was over 50­° yesterday, and there are a few inches of snow on the ground today. We did take advantage of the weather and go up into the city yesterday instead, but it was too crowded, so we traveled eastward into Maryland and found a small used bookstore to wander. Yes, more books. I bought two! We got some takeout and came home to continue our Marvel marathon. Last night was Iron Man 3 and Thor: Dark World.

Today I’m actually in total slack mode; I haven’t even gotten out of my pajamas. Normally, even in spite of being home all day every day, I still get up and shower and dress. I see all these memes that say things like “I haven’t worn pants that button in a year,” but that is so not me. I’ve worn jeans almost every day. So staying in my jammies feels almost sinful. I’ve still managed to get my steps and make my FitBit happy, although I have to admit that if we don’t move soon, I’m going to lose my security deposit to cover new carpeting. My limited walking path is wearing a track in the fibers.

Right now I’m trying to give B some time to himself. He’s never alone anymore, really, unless he’s driving to/from work. Work is all people all day, and home is all me, all day. Best I can do under the circumstances is hide out in my office area (aka the guest room) so he can watch his shows or movies and or play his games without too much interruption for a while. I’m still only about 10 feet away, though, so it’s a very loose definition of privacy. Still, in a few hours I’ll be lonely and probably head back to my spot on the couch. But I’m trying to give him space. For now.

The first 8 months of the pandemic, this was time I’d spend hand-stitching masks for us, my son, my ex and his wife, my mothers and fathers in law, even friends. Normally, I do NOT sew. I’m not the crafty type. And I tried making them with my sewing machine, but I swore a lot and made very little. Hand-stitching was just easier. It also took a little longer, which was good because I had a lot of time to kill. I still have a ton of fabric and some elastic; I really stocked up back when it was all disappearing from everywhere. My masks don’t go around the ears; instead, they wrap around the back of the head and neck so the wearer can pull them down when it’s okay and pull them back up as needed. I also figured out how to attach clips to them, for easier removal, and sliders, like bra-strap adjusters, to make them size adjustable. The elastic seems to shrink a little in the dryer, so having the extra length helps. Honestly, it’s been the one bright spot of having to wear the things; I like being able to sport Supernatural or X-Files masks. I made Cars and Marvel superhero masks for my son. I made B a Ren and Stimpy mask. I even made autumn, Christmas, and winter-themed masks. Might as well express a little personality while we’re keeping people safe, right?

The past few months I’ve stopped sewing, because I have too many masks already and I’m tired of stabbing my fingers with needles. I’m sure I’ll come around to it again, but not now. I really need to get back to my packing, but even that’s kinda taken a pause. My brain finally seems to have accepted that we still have 2 months until we can move. I don’t have to pack everything right now. Part of it all too is that I’ve lost focus. I’m more scattered these days. Working during the week is a real challenge. I’m getting my work done, and I’m ahead of schedule as usual, but it’s taking more effort for me to keep my mind on my work. I walk every day, but walking in circles gets mind numbing. I’m racking up the points in Bejeweled Blitz for sure. I read sometimes, real books even. I pack a box here and there. I sew a mask. I write a blog. I buy some books. I jump from A to B to A to C to J to F and can sustain attention for a while, but not like usual.

I’m alive, I’m still healthy, I’m still employed. I’m grateful. I had a nice day with B yesterday. We’re safe and warm today. And I have an auction ending in 3 hours that I might just be spending some money on. I even set myself an alarm to remind me when it’s closing, so I don’t miss it.

In case I get distracted.