It’s a Beautiful Day

There’s nothing special going on, but the sun is out today and the temperature is a tolerable level of cold. For the first time in what feels like forever, I walked outside instead of pacing circles through my apartment to get my steps in. B is off tomorrow, the second week in a row that he’ll have a full 2-day weekend. We’ve started watching all the Marvel movies in story chronological order. I’ve seen most of them, but I’d managed to avoid the Eric Bana Incredible Hulk until now, aside from seeing a few scenes in passing. It was about as bad as I’d expected it to be, although it does have Jennifer Connelly, so that’s at least one positive.

I have to go into DC this weekend: I have to pick up some pieces I bought from an online estate sale. I miss DC. We’re so close to so many museums and stores and restaurants and we can’t visit any of them. It’s torturous! So this will be a nice diversion of sorts. B’s coming with me, and we’ll be in Georgetown, which is always pretty, so that will be our “adventure” for the weekend. I’m also eyeing a few pieces in another online auction. And I’ve been bingeing on books as well; I decided to start buying some of the books that have been on my Amazon wish list forever. We were so strapped for cash for so long that I always denied myself, hoping maybe I’d find some of them at the library sales we were always going to. I’ve been saving some money for myself every week, and since I haven’t been able to really do anything huge for myself, I decided what the hell, I’ll buy some of the things I can finally afford.

Being home and bored and having money to spend is a dangerous combination. I need books like I need a hole in my head, but they make me happy, at least temporarily. Today I got a bunch that I’d ordered, and it was like Christmas morning opening all of them. I’m just feeling relatively positive today, looking forward to the weekend, feeling refreshed from being outside, getting some presents for myself. It’s a nice feeling. I hope it lasts.