A New Day

I’ve been off work the past 2 days, and I tried to enjoy that time as best I could. Which meant I stayed away from the computer as much as I could. Yesterday, especially, I spent the day in a cloud of joyful bliss. I watched live as Trump left the White House for the last time, and I got a lot of use out of my middle fingers between the time he crossed the lawn until the moment he disappeared behind the door of Air Force One.

Then, I partied.

I found every angry, fuck-you breakup song I could, and I blasted that shit and danced around the apartment. I’m sure my neighbors hated me, but I just didn’t care. I felt so much lighter, knowing that we were almost to the end.

At 11, I began watching the inaugural coverage. When Biden and Harris exited their cars outside the Capitol, I became nervous. I was so afraid that something would happen, that somehow, some right-wing terrorist would find a way to hurt them. I don’t think I took a breath until they stepped through the doors.

When Kamala Harris took her oath, I got choked up. We have a woman Vice President.

Once Joe Biden took his oath, the horror of the past 4 years was really, truly, entirely, absolutely OVER. It was such a relief. His speech was moving, but Amanda Gorman’s poem was perfection.

And so begins a new day in America. When I woke this morning, the heavy dread I’ve been feeling for so long was gone. I was happy to finally be able to follow the White House Twitter feed. The POTUS and VPOTUS accounts. Even the PressSec account. This morning I actually watched the first press conference and felt good about it when it was over. I looked at the list of executive orders already put in place, and I knew we were finally going to get back on the path forward instead of the express train to the 1950s we’ve been riding.

I hope that the baggage and piles of garbage left behind by the last administration won’t take too long to clear. There’s a lot that everyone wants to get done, but we can’t really move ahead until the path is clear of debris.

Welcome to the White House, Mr. President and Madam Vice President.