Impeachment, Take Two

As if we don’t have enough going on in our world, the House of Representatives has spent today giving posturing politicians on both sides of the aisle their chances to look good to their constituents while “debating” whether this president should be impeached again. The takeaways for me are these:

  • Too many of them are incapable of wearing their masks properly.
  • Both sides can twist Abraham Lincoln’s words to their respective needs.
  • There are no “better angels” in Washington.
  • There will be no “healing” no matter which way this goes. But there could be justice.
  • Citizens can apparently storm our federal buildings and threaten the lives of our elected officials at the behest of the president and yet some of those officials still defend him.

It’s impossible to focus. We’re all feeling it now, the fatigue from the pandemic and the political circus. The fear of what will happen next. The pull to social media doomscrolling out of fear of missing something. The isolation from our friends and families. The overwhelming grief of all we’ve lost these past 10 months. I drove into DC today on a quick run to my office, and they are erecting fences everywhere. It’s a sea of chain link. It was bad enough when this president put up walls around the White House, but now we have walls around our capital. There are 15,000 National Guard troops sleeping on the marble floors of the Capitol building. How many of them are on the side of the MAGAs? Can we trust our soldiers? Our police?

How is the country supposed to “heal” and “unite” when our seat of government needs protection from its own citizens?

The House vote is complete. Donald Trump has been impeached for the second time.

I’m tired of being witness to so much history.