The End Is the Beginning

Wednesday’s mayhem proved all too well that human and civil rights remain valid issues in this country, where black citizens are killed by law enforcement in their own homes or in their front yards or while walking home from a store in their own neighborhood, but white citizens can actively engage in violence and vandalism, promote treason, attempt to overthrow our election, and threaten our leaders with little or no law enforcement presence or action whatsoever.

The police at the Capitol who tried to do their jobs were left hanging by their government, their brothers in arms, and their communities. One officer died because of it. Both Maryland and Virginia were prepared to send National Guard troops in, but they were stopped by Trump’s minions at the Pentagon. The DC police, who seem able to come out in force when black people celebrate at Black Lives Matter Plaza, were conspicuously absent.

These right-wing extremist groups are committing treason and sedition, egged on by an impotent, insecure narcissist with a bad spray tan and a combover who simply can’t accept losing. And it’s going to get worse. It is no longer possible to say “it’s all just talk, it’s harmless.” It is much, much more than that, and it’s time we all admit it and prepare ourselves.